The Afiya Center
Te’Quan Penny

Te’Quan La’Shelle Penny is a fiercely independent woman who after raising children through adolescence and in to adulthood while successfully managing legal blindness is working as the receptionist at The Afiya Center. She has two girls; one by marriage a son she gained after the death of his mother and a 2nd son who is also her nephew. Mrs. Penny declares these are her bright spots. She says her children are the highlight of her life. And her husband she says makes her smile ‘sometime’.

Te’Quan describes her work at The Afiya Center as a learning experience. Mrs. Penny further shares that The Afiya Center has been a gateway to educate other young women about Reproductive Justice. She sees this as an opportunity for her to make a difference in the lives of women. She wants to make sure she gives everything she faces her best effort no matter the outcome. Her main hobby is cooking. She loves to cook. Her future goal is to have her own restaurant.